Collective Marvelling

Collective Marvelling is a network of blogs written by young researchers. We are all currently active in research and believe it is also important to share our research with the public. The more research blogs that exist the more there is out there for the world to encounter; however the more blogs that exist, the harder it gets for people to find things in the maze. This network is our attempt to counteract that problem.

Every time one of the blogs in the network is updated, we will put snippets of the new blog post up on the network page. So if you want to keep track of new posts from all of the blogs in the network but you don't use RSS feeds/Google Reader or equivalent, you can check Collective Marvelling instead. If you like the look of anything you can just click on the snippet and go to the blog where the post is hosted.

Currently, the blogs that are part of the network are this one, Cross Sections, Lumps 'n' Bumps and The Trenches of Discovery. We welcome ideas for development of the network.

Have a look around!

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