Thursday, May 24, 2012

The World's 50 Highest Peaks

There hasn't been enough about mountains or maps on this blog yet, despite my promises. But today The Guardian has a simply wonderful feature on their data blog: an interactive map that allows you to view the 50 most prominent (note: not "highest", despite my post title!) peaks in the world. It's integrated with Google, so you can view maps, satellite images, and terrain details. In some cases the satellite images are supplemented by aerial photographs. If you download the Google Earth plugin, it will even allow a virtual "flypast" over the mountain in question, letting you view it in 3D. Plus there's lots of data on elevation, prominence, first ascents and so on.

I've included a screenshot from the map. This is a zoom in on the Google Earth view of Kangchenjunga. Click on it for a bigger version.

I dare say I will spend a few hours playing with this!

(The map was originally made by Robert Mundigi, and was taken from here.)


  1. I had a hunch Mt Cook would make the cut. I didn't expect it to be listed as in Australia.

  2. That's also the most common comment on the Guardian blog. I didn't pay much attention to New Zealand when I first looked at it so didn't notice ... it seems to have been corrected now.