Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Found the Higgs, not the mermaids

Once again not a long post — in fact I was in the middle of typing a simple congratulatory message when I noticed that Rhys got there before me. The facts to take home from today's presentations can of course be found on many physics blogs: basically, a particle has been found, at a mass of around 125 GeV, it is a boson, so far it behaves as we would expect a Standard Model Higgs to behave (there are some small discrepancies which may or may not be indications of the deviations that all theorists would love to see). So, as Rhys says: congratulations to everyone, and we hope to learn more soon.

In the meantime though, I notice (h/t Rob) that the most popular science articles on the BBC website at the moment are the following:
Higgs discovery at CERN and mermaid non-discovery in the US
We've found the Higgs, but not the mermaids.
Which suggests that although science marches on, science education still has some way to go.

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